Constructive Solid Geometry

The binary set operations Union, Intersection and Difference can be performed on any two non-mesh primitives as well as on the result of a CSG operation (giving CSG trees).

CSG of a cone and a cube. Shows Union (row 1), Intersection (row 2), cube subtract cone (row 3), cone subtract cube (row 4).

Nested CSG. Column 1 is A = ((sphere - torus) U cylinder), column 2 is (A U cube) and column 3 is (A intersect cube).

Simple CSGs showing colour combinations

Complex CSG. The main box is a cube removed from another cube. Each "peg" is a cylinder removed from another cylinder. The full block is the union of the main box with 3 of the pegs. The word LEGO is constructed out of cylinders, spheres and tori and is then subtracted from the front face of the block.

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