Final Scene

My final scene is a corner of an art gallery with two paintings on the walls and two sculptures on marble pedestals. Also, There is a glass table with a globe on it. The paintings on the walls have lamps attached to their frames to further illuminate the painting. The lamps contain planar light sources. Also there is a dim planar light on the ceiling.

The following images are components of the scene and the last image is the final scene itself.

The marble pedestal for the sculptures. The marble texture is defined in world coordinates, so two copies of this placed in different locations will each have a different marble pattern. Uses additional primitives, CSGs and solid textures.

Sculpture number one, a tetris board in mid-game. Memories of assignment one. Uses meshes and renders fast due to the hierarchical bounding volumes.

Sculpture number two, Homer Simpson. A direct render of my puppet from assignment three. Uses the additional primitives and renders fast thanks to hierarchical bounding volumes.

The glass table. Uses CSGs and refraction.

The wood framed paintings with lamps (switched off). The wood texture for the frames is defined in local coordinates to give the appearance of 4 separate pieces of wood. Uses CSGs, bitmap texture mapping, solid textures and reflection.

A globe. Note the reflection of the globe on the base. A grey scale elevation map of the earth was used as a bump map for the globe. Uses additional primitives, CSGs, reflection, solid textures (the wooden stand), bitmap textures (the colours of the earth) and bump mapping (elevation).

The final scene. Uses all of the above objects, as well as 3 planar light sources (one for each painting and one on the ceiling) to give soft shadows.

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