Solid Textures

Textures are members of a material that are used to determine the colour of an object at a particular point. Solid textures are defined in three dimensions and so can just be queried at the point in question. All of my solid textures are defined procedurally, and can be queried in either world or local coordinates for a given object. Solid textures are supported on all primitives including meshes and CSGs.

Checkerboard texture, alternating rectangular volumes of colour aligned along the z-axis. Defined in local coordinates.

Basic 3D Perlin noise texture defined in local coordinates, using linear interpolation between colours.

Wood texture. Function of Perlin noise, n:

t = (20*n(x,y,z))
and then linear interpolation between colours using t = t - floor(t).

Marble texture. Turbulence function defined on Perlin noise, and used as a parameter to the absolute value of a sin function.

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