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I've been to almost all of my classes now and they seem alright. I think this will be a hard term though (although it is of my own making so I shouldn't complain).

I know I said that I would add a comments feature to my site, but it looks like I didn't and I probably won't any time soon. Oh well.

So I think I've reached that point in my life where I have no home. My mom moved at the end of August into a townhouse in London so when I go home now it is actually like I am going to my mom's house, not mine. I guess it was bound to happen but it is still a bit strange. The whole situation has made me want to get rid of everything I own except the essentials (clothes, books, electronics) so that I can move quickly and easily. Kinda weird but whatever.

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I'm officially living in Waterloo again now. Moving sucks.

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