Superfluous Matter

Japan & Hawai'i Honeymoon -- May/June 2019

Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed our wedding in May 2018 and exactly a year later we finally got around to going on our official honeymoon. We spent ten food-filled days in Japan and then six more days relaxing on the Big Island in Hawaii. It was completely wonderful! (read more)

Tinymoons -- Fall 2018

Sarah and I had a wonderful wedding in May 2018, but with family visiting from out of town and immigration details to sort out we chose to postpone our "real" honeymoon until 2019. Instead we went on two "tinymoons" within the United States, one to Utah and the other to Asheville, North Carolina. (read more)

Yosemite -- May 2017

When I first met Sarah she was shocked that I had never visited Yosemite National Park and she promised to take me as soon as possible. Unfortunately life got busy and it took us over two years to get there. The timing was great though: we got to experience epic Spring waterfalls and I was able to surprise Sarah by asking her to marry me! (read more)

Europe -- April 2017

Sarah had a two week work trip to Amsterdam and London in the Spring of 2017 and I tagged along. I spent the week in Amsterdam site-seeing and the week in London working from my company's office while Sarah worked from her company's office. It was a great trip with minimum vacation time impact. (read more)

Northern California -- January 2017

For Sarah's 32nd birthday we took a road trip to the far northern reaches of the state of California to visit some amazing state and national parks. Redwood Trees for days! (read more)

Europe -- August/September 2016

For our first international trip together Sarah and I decided to go to Europe to see a few countries and catch up with a few friends. My trip lasted two weeks and Sarah was able to join me part way through for ten days. (read more)

Various Weekend Adventures -- H2 2015

As part of living in America I partook of a number of weekend adventures in the second half 2015. New places and new people and lots of fun. I've gathered all the experiences up into a single journal here. (read more)

Various Weekend Adventures -- H1 2015

As part of living in America I partook of a number of weekend adventures in the first half 2015. New places and new people and lots of fun. I've gathered all the experiences up into a single journal here. (read more)

Central America -- March 2015

I always knew my friends Rob and Janet would have an awesome destination wedding and they certainly did not disappoint. They chose the Barefoot Cay resort on the island of Roatán, a part of Honduras in Central America. I love destination weddings because they're a great excuse to see another part of the world. I front-loaded the trip with an eight day tour of Guatemala, El Salvador and mainland Honduras with two of Janet's friends and fellow wedding guests. Both the tour and the wedding were awesome! (read more)

Zhuhai/Hong Kong/Macau -- November 2014

In November 2014 I went to visit KJ (one of my oldest friends) and her family in Zhuhai, China. I took the opportunity to also visit Macau and Hong Kong. The three cities were all very unique and interesting and with KJ as a guide I was able to make the most of my short visit and see a lot of amazing things. (read more)

Tucson -- October 2014

In Spring 2014 when Matt and Adrienne found out I would be living in California they invited me to join them for a weekend in Tucson in the Fall. I read up about Tucson and saw it described as the Portland of Arizona which was enough to convince me to join in on the fun. We had a great time! (read more)

Scotland -- May 2014

In May 2014 my very good friends Lee and Jenn decided to get married in Scotland. Mike decided to join me to share in my experiences of awesome Scottish scenery and epic whisky, and after meeting Lee and Jenn at a New Year's party he was invited to attend the wedding too. (read more)

Snowboarding: Tahoe and Whistler -- February 2014

In the winter of 2012 I finally took the advice of my good friend Rob and tried out snowboarding. I was immediately hooked and thanks to the awesome instructors at Not-So-Pro (my local snowboarding club) I improved my skills enough that in 2014 I felt it was time to visit some proper mountains. (read more)

Northwest Territories Canoe Trip -- July 2013

Prompted by a love of nature and a desire to see more of Canada I decided to go on a guided, eleven day canoe trip on the Thelon river deep in the Northwest Territories. It was physically demanding and intense but also amazing and peaceful and rejuvinating. Definitely the experience of a lifetime! (read more)

Europe -- May/June 2013

In Spring 2013 my brother and I took my mom on a family vacation to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Iceland for two weeks. We had a fantastic time! (read more)

Australia & New Zealand -- February/March 2012

In late winter 2012 I decided to take a longish trip to give myself a break from everything that had been happening in the previous 16 months. I spent three weeks in Australia and a week in New Zealand. Some of the trip I did solo and other parts with either my good friends Patrick and Toni or my awesome cousin Shannon. (read more)

Algonquin Provincial Park -- August 2010

In August 2010, we mounted our largest ever group trip to Algonquin with a total of 20 people all heading out together for an amazing weekend of wilderness. (read more)

China -- June 2010

In June of 2010 I got the opportunity to speak at an internal developers conference for work in Shanghai. I also took three extra days of my own time to visit Beijing. It was a very interesting trip! (read more)

Italy Honeymoon -- October 2009

After getting married on October 10th, 2009, Kim and I packed up and went to Italy for two weeks for our honeymoon. We toured the country by train hitting Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, Florence, Venice and Cinque Terre. It was a fantastic trip!! (read more)

Algonquin Provincial Park -- August 2009

In August 2009, Matt again came with me to Algonquin for camping with my mom and our family friends from Ottawa. This was my third year making the Civic holiday trip. (read more)

Ireland -- April/May 2009

In Spring 2009, Kim and I and a whole bunch of other people went to Ireland to join in the celebration of Toni and Patrick's wedding at Narrow Water Castle in County Down, Northern Ireland. In addition to the wedding Kim and I rented a car and drove all over the island. It was great fun and the following is based on my notes that I took during the trip. (read more)

Algonquin Provincial Park -- August 2008

In August 2008, Matt came with me to Algonquin for camping with my mom and our family friends from Ottawa. This was my second year making the Civic holiday trip, and it looks like this yearly custom will soon become an annual tradition. (read more)

New York City -- July 2008

At the beginning of July Kim and I ventured to New York City for a fun-filled time in the Big Apple. (read more)

Camping in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario -- June 2008

In the middle of June I went to Bruce Peninsula National Park near Tobermory for a bit of "car camping" with people from NeoEdge (Matt, Patrick, Verna and Toni and Luis). But the trip ended up being so much more than camping! (read more)

San Francisco, California -- November 2007

With the last 3 vacation days of my first year of work I chose to visit Mike in San Francisco. Combined with the "Remembrance Day long weekend" I was able to stretch it out to a 6 day trip! (read more)

France -- June 2007

For my first real vacation as a working person, I chose to go to France for two weeks in the Spring of 2007. I visited Paris, Nice, Lyon and went to the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in the town of Annecy on the Swiss border. I did the trip solo, except for the time at the film festival which I shared with Mike. (read more)

Köln, Germany -- December 2006

Shortly after getting settled into Toronto and my job at Autodesk, I went on a glorious weekend trip with Rob to Köln, Germany. He had found some cheap airline tickets connecting in New York, so we decided to go for it. We left early on a Friday morning and returned late the following Monday. It was my first time in Europe and was super fun! (read more)

California and New York -- Spring 2006

Near the end of my time as a student I started trying to find jobs. This pursuit led me on two trips to interview with Apple in Cupertino, and one trip to interview with Google in New York. They were super fast, exhausting voyages but still fun for someone who hadn't travelled much before. (read more)