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Photos Section...No Longer Coming Soon!

Ever since I redesigned this site there has been a link to a "Photos" section which was just a page containing the text "Coming Soon." Well soon apparently means slightly more than one year, because the "Photos" section has finally arrived! I plan on using it to show photos I am particularly happy with from an "artistic" point of view. Check it out!

Thanks Everyone!!!

Wow! I wasn't sure how successful my last blog post would be, but when I checked today I found that I'm already at $118/$125!!!! That's amazing. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who donated. Thank you Mom, John, Mike, and Mrs. Jutan!! You guys are great! I'll definitely be posting my results here. I have to start practicing soon in my building, but between wedding plans and Ireland plans I'm not sure how much time I'll have. I might just have to rely on my natural fitness level (hahahaha, right).

Sponsor me for the WWF CN Tower Climb

Twice a year there are fundraising events where the participants climb the 1776 steps of the CN Tower. I really want to try climbing it so I've signed up for the event this year along with the friendly people at NeoEdge. I apparently need to raise money to participate though so I'm asking for donations here on my blog. The charity is the World Wildlife Fund and I need to raise at least $125. Any donation is fine, but if you donate $25 or more you will get a tax receipt. The average time for completion is 25-30 minutes and my goal is to be under twenty minutes. We'll see how I do!

Save the pandas! Click here to sponsor me!

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