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One Last Visit With P+T

The day before leaving Italy we found out that Patrick and Toni had not yet left Canada and that we would be able to go see them the day after we returned. So this past Sunday, despite being tired and jetlaggy, Kim and I caught a GO Train (later than we wanted, due to missing the first one) to Oakville to have dinner with Patrick, Toni and Matt at Ryan and Liz's house. Liz made us an awesome supper and we had a nice relaxing time talking about our trip and enjoying the Limoncello I brought back from Cinque Terre.

We also got to look at the photos Patrick and Toni took at our wedding and they turned out great. I'll be posting some soon, but first I need to resolve the fact that I am totally out of hard drive space. Today I ordered the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo, a network-attached storage device which I will be filling with a pair of one terabyte hard drives in RAID 1. I got an amazing deal from NCIX in was half price!! All of the NAS devices they sell are on huge sale at the moment. It's pretty crazy.

Back from Italy

We're back from Italy! It was awesome!! I'll be writing up a proper trip journal over the next few weeks with photos and such.

I made a point of ignoring the Internet while I was gone, and so there are over 1000 unread items in my Google Reader, tons of email and facebook messages and I'm sure hundreds of unread emails on my work email account. Damn you Internet!

In Italy!

I am now happily married and equally happily in Italy! Things are awesome!

One More Day

Twenty-four hours from now I'll be married and about to start an awesome party with a whole bunch of awesome family and friends. I'm pretty sure everything is ready to go and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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