Superfluous Matter
Mike's TED Talk and Michelle's Book

I want to quickly publicize a couple neat things. First, my good friend Mike recently gave a TED talk at TEDxIB@York. The talk is about the power of enthusiasm and communicates a great message on how your outlook can shape the world around you. It's been posted on YouTube and everyone should go watch it. Mike was also kind enough to dedicate the talk to Kim (check out 17:59) which really meant a lot to me.

The second thing is from Kim's sister Michelle. She has put together a compilation of writings from various people (including this blog) detailing all the stuff that happened in Kim's year dealing with cancer. I haven't seen it yet myself, but if you're interested, the book "Strong in the Face of Adversity" is available for purchase at cost from Lulu, a self-publishing website.

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