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Today was fun. I met Adrienne and Matt downtown and we went to Burrito Boyz for lunch. It was this tiny place near Much Music that had some pretty amazing food for cheap. Mmmm...I love food in Toronto. Then we went to Starbucks for the new "Drinking Chocolate" which is just ultra-rich hot chocolate, and was also really good.

The National Film Board has a free viewing location near my house where you can go watch movies from the archives (going waaaay back) for free. We went to see "Ryan" which has been nominated for an Oscar in the Short Film category this year. It's about Ryan Larkin who was an Oscar-nominated animator for the NFB in the 1960s and who is now a panhandler in the streets of Montreal (as the result of various addictions). It is mostly a computer-animated film made by a former employee of Alias using Maya, which is what I currently work on. So cool. The movie was really good, I hope it wins. I also watched one of Ryan Larkin's films from 1968 while I was there. It was interesting; those crazy hippies, they think up some crazy things. Haha.

After that we made the obligatory trip to Canada Computers and then went to Matt's house to have supper and just hang out.

I want to get a digital camera, specifically the Canon Powershot A95, but it sells for $460 at Canada Computers, and the cheapest I've seen on eBay is about $400. Too much I think for my first digital camera. Oh well, maybe it will come down in price by the end of my work term.

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