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This weekend was pretty cool. I was basically on my own for the entire time, which can get lonely but is also rather pleasant at times.

On Saturday I went shopping and got Kim a Valentine's present although I won't be seeing her until next weekend, stupid midterm season. I also got myself some pants that I could theoretically wear while working out...were I to do such a thing. I figure that by having them I have one less excuse to not use the facilities in the building I'm living in. Soooo lazy. I also got some more books (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Salem's Lot by Stephen King, Trainspotting/The Acid House/Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh) at the BMV downtown, not the one at Eglinton. I like the Eglinton one better, but I would have to ride a subway to get to it and that costs money and stuff. I also almost bought a whole bunch of DVDs. HMV has a 2 for $30 sale on (like usual), except that both Kill Bill movies are part of it this time, so tempting! Must hold out until the inevitable box set/director's cut edition comes out.....ahhh! Also, Coupling season 4 was at HMV, which was tempting because I've watched all the others and really want to see the last season. So does Kim because she loves it too. Bah, too many things to buy. I'm still trying to get the last Futurama box set as well, and I have a Futureshop gift card, but I can't use it online and everytime I go to an actual store they never have the last set.

No Frill's is having some sort of massive sale where lots of stuff is only $1, so I thought I would go there to get groceries this week. Unfortunately there are no locations downtown. I live near King and Spadina, which is pretty much right in downtown Toronto (the Skydome is a one minute walk from my place), and there is a No Frill's at King and Jameson (which is over 1000 numbers from here and apparently 2.6 miles according to Mapquest). So I decided to walk it since I didn't really have anything else planned today. It wasn't bad, it's not cold out or anything so that was fine. But I don't think I would do the walk at night, there was the occasional sketchy section on the way there. It's funny, because I think the average person who hasn't been in Toronto that much would be worried about being downtown at night. I'm not saying that isn't scary sometimes, but it's way worse just outside of the downtown core. There is always stuff happening downtown at night, there are always places you can go to be safe, and there is always public transit. But once you leave the core, the transit is a bit irregular and sparse and stuff is often closed so you can't go anywhere if there is trouble. So yeah, it was a nice walk in the daytime, and I got lots of cheap groceries. I took a streetcar back since the walk loaded with food would definitly have sucked.

I also watched the movie Garden State today, and I quite liked it.

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