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This weekend a whole bunch of people (including myself) helped Chris move into his new place in Toronto. It only took half an hour due to the number of people so we got to spend a lot of time sitting around, drinking beer and playing board games. It was fun! And the new apartment is sweet.

I also went out for supper with Matt and Adrienne and we walked past the Ferrari dealership in Toronto on the way. So sweet. We also saw the Rolls Royce dealership which was alright, but I prefer to drive nice cars rather than just be a passenger in one. We had supper at Crepes a GoGo which is this tiny little French place near the ROM. It was very very small and very yummy. And the staff was super nice, the one lady gave hugs!

Someone showed me a cool site today about the service tunnels at the University of Waterloo. I liked it because I enjoy finding ways around campus through tunnels and things. If only I could get service access!

I did my taxes online for the first time on Monday...and I get money back! This is completely unexpected because I did contract work last year which meant that I didn't pay any taxes. I still get $292 so I am quite pleased. Unless of course I made a mistake, and then things will be fairly interesting.

Tonight was *wing* night, and I went with Brad, Jeff, Chris and Jen to some Irish pub near my house. It was pretty good.

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