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This weekend was pretty cool. Kim came to visit and we just did a bunch of stuff without having any real purposes or goals for the weekend.

She came in on the bus at 4:40 and I picked her up at the bus station, but I wasn't quite done work for the week so I then had to go back to work for an hour after dropping her off at my house. When I got home we had frozen pizza for supper and just hung out a bit. On Saturday we went to the Eatons Centre to look around (which can last quite a long time) and we also went to BMV where I got six books. We then went to the St. Lawrence Market and got some really good strawberries which we ate later that evening. After all the shopping we saw Million Dollar Baby which we both really enjoyed.

Today I took Kim to the bus station for the 10:30am bus and now I plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing for the rest of the day.

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