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This weekend's story:

On Friday I left work early to catch a bus to Waterloo to go out for Kellie's birthday. I got there just in time to have a drink and then we left for the Bomber. Lots of people went and it was really good. We got there a bit early, but it turned out well, it got busy quickly.

I spent the night at the apartment on the couch and on Saturday I visited Mike before he leaves for California and Pixar. Pretty good visit, we went to Maharaja Palace for supper with Ans, Kristen and Norm and I got a gigantic amount of food. It was pretty decent and I was completely stuffed. Good times. We followed that up with some gelato and then I caught a bus back to Toronto.

Today I just sat around, watched a movie, did some laundry and went to the gym for a bit. And obviously I watched the Simpsons which, contrary to some opinions, is as good as ever.

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