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Weekly update time!

Adrienne is visiting Matt this week, so I went to see them on Sunday. We went to The Distillery District and looked through a bunch of shops and stuff. We also got super good chocolate from Soma. We then went to Rainbow Cinema and saw Sin City which is the new winner of most violent movie I've ever seen. It was pretty good though, and had a very cool style. I'll be tempted to pick it up on DVD and I hope there will be a sequel.

For lunch on Sunday we had Bahn Mi (Vietnamese subs), which are cool because they taste good and only cost $1.50. For supper we went to Sushi on Bloor and had sushi...on Bloor. We sat at the bar and I got to sit in front of an Octopus leg. Not very hunger-inducing in my books, but the sushi was still really good.

Tonight was wing night and we went to Pizza Rustica which is an award winning pizza place that just happens to be attached to my apartment building. Sweet! I had asparagus pizza which was totally amazing. The asparagus tasted fresh which is pretty special since it is only April. Jen brought cake for everyone but she didn't have time to stay and eat it so she left without having any. She still rocks for bringing it though. We ate in the lounge area of my building while wondering why the furniture all seemed to have been designed for very unusually proportioned people.

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