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Kim came to visit this weekend and we did a few fun things. I really love how you can just get people to come to Toronto and then figure out what to do later because there is always stuff to do.

On Friday night we went out for supper at The Marche which is now known as Richtree or something. It is market style so you go around picking out food from places and they record it on a card you carry around with you. When you are done you give your card to the people and that tells them how much to charge you. I had fajitas and fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade (yum!). Also a big piece of chocolate mousse cake that was really good.

On Saturday we went shopping a bit, I picked up one last book at BMV (see my booklist) and then we decided to do something a bit more cultural. Kim saw a poster for a double bill of operas playing at the Elgin Theatre on Yonge, "Acteon" and "Dido and Aeneas." Kim's really into ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology (she's even minoring in it) so she was really keen to go (since both were based on Greek/Roman mythology). We went to the theatre and found that we could get tickets for that evening for just $15 since we were students. The seats were really good too; they let students buy any available tickets for only $15 regardless of the section. The actual performances were both pretty good; niether of us had been to a real opera before so it was quite an experience. The stories tend to be fairly simple so it was easy to follow even though it is sometimes hard to understand the actual words. Acteon was in French with translations projected above the stage. Dido and Aeneas was in English. The company was extremely talented and the production was quite well done. Also neat was the orchestra which was apparently using antique, priceless instruments, like 200-300 year old violins. Really amazing sound.

Today I dropped Kim off at the bus station and then went with Matt and Adrienne to Pacific Mall, which is always an experience. Got some precious precious Pocky and also had a Lychee fruit ice cream waffle. Sweet!

Earlier this week another nice thing happened, I got an offer to return to Alias in the Fall! So sweet! It's been a great place to work and I'm looking forward to returning. Not sure where I will live yet though since I can't return to my sweet downtown condo. I'll probably end up back in North York which is far but still on the subway line so it will do.

On an unrelated note, my good friend Mike Jutan has begun his California work term adventure at Pixar! Check out the link to his blog if you're interested. It will definitely be full of neat stuff.

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