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Oh man, I never thought Real Time would actually be this crazy, but I guess I was wrong. The Tracking #1 assignment was due today, and we spent all of the past week working on it, at least 8 hours each day. Then, to finish, we spent 17 consecutive hours working on it on Sunday (from 10am until 3am). Totally nuts, but I think it was worth it because our prof was really impressed by our demo. He said our tracking was much better than what he normally sees at this stage in the course and he gave us a 95% on the assignment. Hopefully we can continue with this performance for the rest of the term!

After the demo I decided to do nothing for the rest of the day. And by nothing I mean go grocery shopping, make some phone calls and then go to Morty's for wings with Matt, Keizo, Jen, Greg, Sean, and Rene. It was pretty fun and a nice break. I also went back to Greg's after to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Good times, even though Edmonton lost.

I also picked up a headset today to attempt to use with Skype. Since SkypeOut is now free, this may be my new replacement for long distance!

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