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I was in London the last few days, just hanging out and visiting with Kim and my family. We had a really nice lunch in the park on Sunday, and on Monday I got to visit with Mike for a while before he takes off back to California for 4 months. I didn't get to visit with Kim as much as I would have liked because she had to work at her new job at the bank a lot. But that's OK because it sounds like she is enjoying it.

Yesterday I came back to Toronto and we did the wing night thing at Fresh on Spadina. I had a Buddha rice bowl and it was super tasty. I really like peanut type sauces. We also played games after dinner and I hope we continue with that because it was really fun. Rob has so many cool board games!

In other news I have managed to start reading again (yay!) and lately I've been reading some Robert Heinlein. He's a classic science fiction author who is really quite talented. I just finished "Stranger in a Strange Land" and it is definitely one of the best books I've read in a while. It's also very accessible to people who may not normally lean towards the genre. It takes place almost completely on Earth, and all of the main characters are human. That being said, I love the more inaccessible kind of science fiction too, but it's nice when I enjoy a book to be able to recommend it to others who don't have my more nerdish leanings.

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