Superfluous Matter
Pointless Statistics

I was just browsing through the Google Analytics statistics for this site and I noticed some strange trends in search terms people use that lead them to my site. In particular over 20% of searches that lead to my site are "co487 lausch" which is pretty strange to me. CO487 is a course I took in 3A called Applied Cryptography. I talked about it a bit on my site back then, but I don't think I've mentioned it since. Google returns just one result for that search, which is the complete list of undergrad homepages on the math/cs servers at Waterloo. So I think that someone somewhere is using that search term to get there and then they probably go to several pages from the list (likely including mine).

I just looked closer at the results (after typing the last paragraph) and I noticed that those searches actually all occured only in February and March of this year, and haven't happened since. So this doesn't really mean anything as the crazy person was an isolated incident. Oh well, I spent some time typing all this so I'm still gonna post it. Just for everyone's information though, this site is the top Google result for my full name "Matthew Lausch" so if you're too lazy to make a bookmark you will at least have a search term that will let you click the "I'm feeling lucky" button with success.

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