Superfluous Matter
Swimming and Relaxing

I'm taking a pretty chill weekend this week in the hopes of gaining a bit more control of my life. I feel like lately I'm always doing something and so i'm neglecting other responsibilities that I shouldn't be. I need to get a doctor, dentist and optometrist in Toronto, and I also need to start Christmas shopping. But lately my weekends have been full, and I've been doing stuff every single night after work. Sure, the stuff is fun and cool (lik guitar hero, wing nights and climbing) but I need to do some useful things as well. It's crazy to think how I've almost been working for 4 months now. A whole term has gone by! I'm not thinking about going back to school though so I think I've stopped thinking like a student.

Even though it is a chill weekend, I'm still doing a bunch. I went to Justin and Monica's housewarming party last night, tonight I'm seeing the new James Bond movie with various people and tomorrow I might try to go climbing. But I still have a bunch more free time than normal so that's good.

I've managed to start actually using the facilities in my building finally. I've started to swim on a semi-regular basis and it seems to be working out well. I'm out of shape, but getting better! I want to get a chin-up bar for the apartment somehow too so that I can do exercises to help my climbing, but I don't know how to get one.

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