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I officially signed up for all my classes and I think it will be all good for the summer. I have CS 240 and Economics 201 in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday, and then Statistics 231 (boooo) and CS 246 in the afternoon. Then on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have Introductory Combinatorics and Opimization from 9:30-10:20. Very unbalanced, but with two programming courses I will probably need lots of free time to sit and stare at my computer.

I am wretchedly unmotivated lately. I haven't really started my work report, I haven't worked on my website at all, and I am not learning C/C++ like I had planned on doing. I can't think of a reason why this is happening other than the fact that I use a computer all day long at work so when I get home I don't feel like doing too much. Work is annoying that way. I would rather have lots of assignments and other school stuff (not coop, though, *shudder*) than have to be in one place for 8 hours every day. There isn't a lot of time at night after you make/eat supper and before you go to bed. I think that this is an issue that I will need to work out or else my post-university life will turn into a mindless mash of nothingness. Maybe if my job was more inspiring. Or perhaps I should watch "Requiem for A Dream" again, that is a good movie for putting life into some sort of perspective. Or breaking it, breaking it into tiny itty bitty pieces.

Now that I have Linux working well it is kinda boring. I mean it is a good operating system and I am happy but there is nothing left to do on it. It just works and I since I am not really doing anything on my computer currently (other than downloading of course), it isn't that interesting.

"War" has started in Iraq, although to me the word "war" should only be applied to conflicts where the outcome is uncertain. There is no question that the US will trample Iraq and claim victory even if Saddam escapes like Osama bin Laden. Now if a bunch of other countries in the region joined with Iraq and started fighting against the US it would be war. This is just an invasion. And a silly one at that.

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