Superfluous Matter
A New Look

I've been wanting to update the look of my blog for a long time, so I started doing that yesterday. Well I don't like to leave things unfinished so I finished it today. I originally meant to go to bed in good time but this is more exciting I think. Feel free to leave comments on the new look, although I'm not likely to change what I have here for a while. Also, let me know if you see any bugs. I think it is good, but I didn't really put a lot of time into it so I'm sure I missed things. Entries now have titles, but I was too lazy to go back though all my old posts to title them, so there are only titles back until the point when I moved to Toronto.

I think having my laptop made this a lot easier. I spent Sunday afternoon on the couch developing while watching Nascar in the background. Yay for laptops!

Now I need to just replace the backend and my work here will be done for a time. I want to make the site database driven so that I can stop parsing a stupid XML file. It's really cumbersome and every time I look at the code I just cry. I think I will also make the image in the navigation box be random at some point, but I need to collect a decent set of images first. Bonus points to anyone who knows where the current image is from!

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