Superfluous Matter
(G)old Bond

Matt has a bunch of the old James Bond movies on DVD, so tonight we watched Octopussy and it was pretty glorious. In fact I'd have to say they packed in more ridiculous things than I've ever seen in a single Bond movie (thus making it the best ever). I regret not taking notes as we watched it, because I can't remember them all now. But I will say this, the power of the circus is not one to underestimated. I also was not aware that it was possible to have a knife fight on the wing of a flying plane.

Saturday we went up to a Portuguese bakery to get donuts, although they were more like elephant ears or beaver tails or whatever. But they were better than those, more dough, and even more deep fried. We also went to a random Italian store and I bought some random pasta. That night I stewed some tomatos and peppers and other stuff down into a really yummy sauce. I added some fresh chili peppers as well, probably a bit too many because it was sooooo spicy. Very tasty though, I love making sauce from scratch.

Today I went with work people to go climbing at "Of Rock and Chalk" up near Newmarket again. It was not bad, but they had like three simultaneous birthday parties going on, so it was loud and obnoxious and sticky with children. Not very conducive to a good climbing experience.

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