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Perfect Weekend

I lost the will to post for a while, but it's come back now, so here I am.

This weekend was pretty awesome. I went to Waterloo to visit Mike after his last exam ever. He had a party at his rez room and Alex and Keizo were there too (along with a bunch of other people I was less familiar with). It was fun and after hanging out till about 3am we went to get some Campus Pizza. I miss Campus Pizza a lot! There's nothing better at 3am. I also had a Cadbury Creme Egg, for like the first time in 5 years or something. It wasn't bad, apparently I've been eating them "wrong" and that's why I thought I didn't like them.

On Saturday Alex and I helped Mike pack up the last of his stuff (which was more than expected, but we were silly for expecting less). Then we went to the Tea shop (another legendary thing I miss from Waterloo) and got some food and drink. It was a bit cold though because they had the AC on (already!!) so we went over to William's and sat on the patio for an hour and a half. One sunburned arm later I was very happy and sleepy, so we got in the car and headed for London.

Upon arriving in London we stopped at my mom's place for a bit, then to Mike's parents for some truly amazing, home made key lime pie. Absolutely delicious!! It was for Mike's birthday since he'll be somewhere in Italy on the actual day.

On Sunday I met up with Mike and his parents again to walk through Gibbon's park to the Covent Garden market. It was really nice walking along the river and it's always fun to sit at the market and just chat/relax for a couple hours. After the market we went to Novack's and then visited with Alex's mom for a bit at her Garden centre. Then I got on a train and headed back to Toronto.

So basically this was a super chill, super relaxing weekend, that was perfect in every way. Happy!

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