Superfluous Matter

I had a busy day today, and I got a lot done. I got up around 10am and did a one kilometre swim followed by breakfast and a shower. The house has been a bit dirty lately so I then clean for like 2 hours, dusting and vacuuming and fixing up the kitchen a bunch. Also did 4 loads of laundry. I then walked almost to Bloor to get a haircut, then back to the Eaton's centre to get some new shorts for summer (because my old ones were all from the time when I was 30 pounds heavier -- I'd just been wearing too big shorts the last year or two). I also looked in some other stores and hit up MEC to get some new clothes for climbing. I got home, had some supper and wrote some emails, then installed the new Ubuntu on my laptop. Finally I have Linux again. I had to delay that installation because of a bug with my laptop model, but that is fixed with the latest release.

Now it's late, or it feels late because I'm tired, so I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow I think I'll relax a bit and read or something.

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