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Tuesday is a good day for updating, so here we go.

The weekend was fun, didn't do too much but still quite enjoyable. Sunday was Liz's birthday so we (Matt and Kim and I) got a cake on Saturday night and spent some time with her and Emily and Chris. I also rented the other two DVDs of Fawlty Towers and they are quite amusing.

Yesterday I went to Morty's for the first time and got some wings. They were very good, but they were also the biggest wings I have ever seen. I had 5 medium and 5 hot and was completely stuffed afterwards. I'm going to try a suicide wing next time I go, should be interesting.

One of my fellow coop students brought me every episode of the Simpsons long as I can make room on my harddrive.

I also learned some Perl today and it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Regular expressions and pattern matching are fun! Time to update my resume.

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