Superfluous Matter
And the Month of Spendy Continues

I have spent sooooo much money this month. Between my trip, gifts for people (mainly my mom) and other stuff I need I've really eaten into the money I was accumulating. Not that I mind. I mean, I still save for retirement and stuff, so I might as well enjoy the rest.

Last night I bought a new jacket and also a new pair of jeans. The jacket was very necessary, the jeans...only a little but necessary, but they were nice and on sale. My old jacket I've had since high school and so that means it's way too big and not so nice anymore. The new one cost a bit more than I would have liked, but I had a really hard time finding it and I figure if it lasts even half as long as the last one then it will still be worth the price.

It seems that I have a bit of extra time that I didn't expect to have on my trip to France so I'm adding an extra city to my travels. I haven't entirely decided which one yet, but it has to be on the Mediterranean, so I'm thinking of Nice. It looks pretty sweet. But for me, it's really all about seeing that blue water and feeling the warm sun (much closer to the equator there) on my skin. The train ride from Paris will also be nice, getting to see the countryside of a foreign land.

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