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Friday: Matt came to Waterloo to stay over since he had his DE exam on Saturday. Keizo also came down. He wants to buy a new car but is having trouble deciding which one. Out of his short-list I think he should get the Toyota Celica for no concrete reason whatsoever.

Saturday: Tried very hard to work on my work report, but failed massively for most of the day. I went with Matt when he left for his exam and got some Campus Pizza....mmmmm. I also installed original Doom in Linux which amused me somewhat. After his exam, Matt went home and I actually managed to make progress on my work report. Then about 10 people came over for a book club meeting. Very amusing, Brad had 3 flower vases full of margarita. I don't think our special roommate was impressed with noisy drunk people being loud outside his door until 2:00am.

Sunday: Didn't bother trying to accomplish anything on my work report, I figure I will get it done this week at work. Nobody looked too well in the morning, but everyone went to see Keizo's sister's piano recital anyway. Except Chris. It was really good, and made me wonder why there are no Math recitals. I'm sure there's a good reason though. Simpsons was funny because Homer drank a pitcher full of margarita. After Simpsons we went and saw "The Core," which was bad, but better than I was expecting. The ship that penetrated deep into the earth's hot juicy core was appropriately phallic. Time for sleep...I mean work.

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