Superfluous Matter
Taxes and Cars and Food

Not too much is going on right now, I feel like I'm just biding my time until winter decides to go away. I did do my taxes last night though. But they weren't that exciting because I only get like $200 back. My RRSP is deducted directly from my pay cheque so I pas less tax all year long. Which is better I guess but it's still fun to get a big lump sum in the Spring.

I also signed up for the Zipcar service here in Toronto after a coworker shared an awesome deal with me (no application fees and a lower yearly fee, contact me for details if you're interested). I still might not use it that much but at least it isn't costing much to try it. I plan on making an Ikea/Costco trip as soon as I can.

Wing night tonight almost failed spectacularly. I was organising it because Jen had to study and it tends to fail when I organise. Tonight I suggested Le Papillon, a french-ish restaurant on Church street. I went there once a year or so ago and really enjoyed the tourtière, but apparently everyone else thinks the place is horrible. Each response to the wing night email was more negative than the last. It really put me in a foul mood. Anyway, I ended up just meeting Patrick, Chris, Matt and Toni and we went for food at the Queen Mother on Queen street west. It was really good, but I still have a hankering for some tourtière. After food we went back to Chris's to play Star Munchkin and watch the snow storm (with extra thunder and lightning). And now I'm in a less bad mood.

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