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A Day of Stuff

I did a bunch of stuff today and it was pretty good, but nothing really out of the ordinary happened. Still, definitely a good day. I started out by getting up in good time (due to leaving the blinds open last night and the blazing sun coming in at 7:30 in the morning). Then Kim and I went to the market and bought a bunch of stuff including ingredients to make more muesli for myself.

After a nice walk home in the sun we headed back out to go rock climbing. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, but I did have a really good climbing day so that made me pretty happy. I've been a bit off my game lately and I really tried hard today to control my climbing and not just muscle my way up the wall (which is a sure way to fail miserably on hard climbs). I was successful and ended up onsighting (climbing without falling or seeing anyone else do it first) a 5.11+ which is not something I do very often.

On the way back from climbing we passed the Moss Park Armoury (a Canadian Forces facility on Queen East). I've seen it many times but never noticed the word "armoury" before. I'm glad I noticed it because now I know where to go for weapons in the event of zombies. This is important knowledge.

For supper we made some really yummy pasta (penne) with tomatoes, spinach and fresh prosciutto from the market. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. At first I was worried there wasn't enough sauce, but it ended up being the exact right amount. When paired with a San Francisco sourdough and some mini-mousse cakes it made a fine meal. Matt joined us for food and after we headed back to his place to watch the original Jurassic Park movie. It's not as good as I remember, but still enjoyable enough. I actually noticed some stuff that I missed in my original viewings due to being too young/ignorant at the time. Like near the end when a bunch of symbols are projected on the one velociraptor, the symbols are not computer code but in fact DNA bases (ATGC). And how it's a UNIX system and she knows this. I know UNIX too.

Note that my new knowledge of the Moss Park Armoury will not help me in the event of a velociraptor attack and I will not even attempt to use it in such a case. I will tremble in terror until I am eaten or they go away. Raptors are scary!

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