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Weekend Stuff

A bunch of fun stuff happened over the last few days and I haven't blogged much about non-chocolate stuff lately so I thought I'd do a quick update.

Friday I went with a bunch of people to see the Indiana Jones movie. I wasn't really expecting anything more than a typical Indiana Jones movie and so I wasn't disappointed. It certainly doesn't stand on it's own, but it's still a super fun movie.

On Saturday I just relaxed in the morning and then went climbing in the afternoon. For supper we made butter chicken from a fancy mix my mom got me for Christmas. It was pretty good but much much spicier than expected. We had lots of naan bread though so that helped ease the spicy. Saturday evening I played more Boom Blox with Chris and Matt. It's a really cool puzzle game for the Wii that's like a crazy version of Jenga with good physics emulation. Good times!

Sunday Kim and I went to a bunch of Doors Open Toronto stuff. Doors Open Toronto is when a bunch of buildings in Toronto open up for tours and stuff that you can't normally do. Last year I went through the CBC and also a fancy eco-condo thing. This year we saw the old train roundhouse, the green-roof on top of MEC and a couple buildings in the distillery district. The stuff was cool, but nothing super-amazing or anything. It was really nice just to walk around in the sun all day (the sun burn wasn't as nice though).

Monday night was my second lead climbing class! We learned how to belay and even started to practice falling. Falling on lead is a bit scary as you fall much farther, but it worked out pretty well. As a belayer we learned how to catch the falls gently so the climber doesn't slam into the wall or fall too far.

Tonight for wing night we went to Fressen which is a vegan tapas bar on Queen West. It was really good, and lots of fun to share a bunch of random food. For the most part I didn't know what anything was but it was all yummy!

Tomorrow is Wednesday which means more climbing. Since starting the lead class I've been averaging close to three climbing sessions a week which is really really good because the more often I get out the better I get. Unfortunately it's also pretty tiring. I'm visiting my mom for her birthday this weekend so it will be nice to take that time to recover.

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