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Chocolate Review, Amano Ocumare Grand Cru

I was having some difficulty with a bug at work this morning so I took a walk to the distillery district to clear my head. I stopped at Soma Chocolate while I was there and saw a brand of chocolate bar I hadn't heard of before so I picked one up. I meant to wait on breaking it open until I wasn't at work, but it just kept staring at me and I was still having trouble with my bug so I just had to bust out the chocolate. Unfortunately/fortunately it was very good so now I have to blog about it at work while the taste is still in my mouth.

Anyway, the company is a small artisan chocolate company in the US called Amano Chocolate and this particular bar is a 70% made up of beans from Ocumare Valley in Venezuela. It's super smooth and the flavour is spectacular. I think I really like chocolate from Venezuela.

I wanted to make a quick point about tasting fine chocolate here. It's important to have a clean palate (so eat some bread or apple and then rinse with water). You also shouldn't bite down on it at all. Just allow the chocolate to melt on your tongue and the flavours will change and evolve as the melt continues. Mmmm...good!

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