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Pre-Trip Update

Kim and I are off to New York this evening but I just wanted to do a quick update before we go so that I don't get too far behind on blogging.

Last weekend I went camping with Matt, Patrick, Toni, Verna and Luis! We went to Bruce Peninsula National Park near Tobermory and it was super fantastic awesome! I've written a page in my Trips section but I haven't posted photos yet (there are a lot of really good ones) so I'm not quite ready to link it yet. I'll do the photos after I get back from New York I guess.

This past weekend was Chris's birthday party and that was super fun too! We went Go Karting at the docks down near Cherry Street. It was really fun with some amusing crashes and spin outs caused by a certain Will Chau. Then we went back to Chris's place and used the building's barbecues to make delicious meat and grilled vegetables for supper. This was accompanied by delicious potato salad and macaroni salad as well as cake and beer! Then we hung around Chris's place chatting and playing Wii and trying out his fancy new bed. It holds more than eight people at once!

I purchased two new pieces of media this weekend too. First was an Apocalyptica CD that I didn't have yet. It's pretty solid, and delivers the awesome driving sound you can only get by four cellos played in heavy metal style. However the band seems to be branching out a bit and including more vocals in their music. I don't think I'm a fan of that as it puts the cellos in a more background/accompaniment role which is clearly not correct.

The other new media I consumed this weekend was the latest Futurama movie: The Beast With a Billion Backs. Futurama is awesome and this was no exception. There's just so much to see and the animation is so well done. Plus a lot of the 3D stuff is done in Maya and there are some cool bonus features that show the 3D work.

Today I'm just hanging out at home, making last minute preparations for our trip to New York and relaxing.

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