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Prius and Denninger's

When I was little my family would always get delicious poppy seed buns and random European foods from Denninger's in Hamilton. It was always super yummy, but I haven't had food from there in a very long time.

So today Kim and I got a Zipcar and made the drive out to the Denninger's location on the mountain. I've never actually been to Denninger's myself, someone in my family always just picked stuff up and brought it home. So this was a fun new experience for me. The store was awesome and full of constant deliciousness including lots of free samples. There were so many random fun things too, and we spent a really long time just looking at stuff and trying to figure out what it was. One thing that made me laugh were the shrink wrapped frozen soups. They froze soup into a solid block and wrapped it in plastic. Weird.

Any way we got some fun stuff like currywurst mix, spaetzle, sausages, and chicken curry pot pies! I love chicken pot pie and curry is obviously awesome so I can't see how combining them can go wrong. We also got cheese, local blueberries, and lots of yummy chocolate based product. For lunch I had pork schnitzel on a bun with sauerkraut and onions and curry ketchup. Oooh, I also had a small chocolate milk form Hewitt's dairy! Hewitt's is a really awesome place that is based in Hagersville, the town my mom grew up in. They make delicious ice cream and milk based products. Mmmmm.

Denninger's was an exciting place to visit. But, the journey was equally entertaining because our Zipcar wasn't any ordinary Zipcar, it was a Toyota Prius! This was cool because the Prius is much cheaper to rent due to it's reduced gas consumption. The other way we could have gone to Hamilton was to take the GO Train, but that would actually have cost more than renting the Prius for four hours! Plus it takes longer by GO and I was worried about the perishable food getting home intact. We had a bit of traffic on the way there, but it was smooth sailing on the way back and we made it in about half an hour.

The Prius is pretty interesting to drive. Instead of turning a key to start it, you press a big button and it turns on. When you are driving, if you stop for more than a second it turns off the engine (starts instantly when you touch the gas). And it has a big LCD screen that constantly monitors your gas consumption and battery usage. It was a really fun car! Also, we drove over 150km, but as far as I could tell we used no gas at all. The gas gauge didn't budge. Good times!

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