Superfluous Matter

On Saturday Kim and I went out to "The Beach" because we'd never been there before. A lot of people call it "The Beaches" but according to residents of the area that is incorrect. Meh, whatever.

Anyway it was nice, lots of fun shops with chocolate and other foods and of course long stretches of beach. Unfortunately the E. Coli count was at 398 where acceptable levels are below 100. There were still some people swimming though.

We got ice cream from one of the random stores and the shopkeeper was nice but a bit strange. He seemed to want to keep giving things to his customers. I'm all for free stuff but this was excessive and felt desperate. First a single scoop cone turned out to actually be two gigantic scoops. Then he put two cookies, two chocolate covered pretzels and a huge chunk of dark chocolate into the top scoop. It made for a very precarious treat. While juggling my wallet and the ice cream to pay the man proceeded to give a bag of no-name M&M's to add to the insanity. It was too much! I really only wanted a little bit of ice cream and nothing else.

On Sunday we went to Matt's house for supper with him and Adrienne and Chris. They made yummy curry with rice and I brought samosas and Rice Krispie squares with candied peanuts. I made both the candied peanuts and the squares myself! Check out the recipe! They turned out really well and taste even better today.

After supper we played games with Chris and then I borrowed The Watchmen (widely considered to be the definitive graphic novel) from Adrienne and read that. It was pretty cool and made me want to both see the new movie coming out and maybe check out some other graphic novels too!

My main accomplishment for today was to discover and subsequently purchase a jar of "Green & Black's Organic Hazelnut Chocolate spread." Yes, now I have fancy Nutella. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it will be delicious.

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