Superfluous Matter

This week I went to two fun evening show type things. On Wednesday Kim and I went to Second City to see the comedy stylings of John Dore and Judah Friedlander (who you may recognize from NBC's awesome show: "30 Rock"). Both acts were really funny, although Judah Friedlander's was a bit too long.

On Thursday I went with Matt to our first Tafelmusik concert of the season. This is our second year as subscribers and I'm still really enjoying it. The group is incredibly talented and the church they perform at is a much more intimate venue than Roy Thomson Hall (which is where the Toronto Symphony Orchestra plays).

On Tuesday for wing night we went to Cafe Polonez for delicious delicious Polish food. I had a potato pancake folded over and filled with pork goulash, and Kim had pierogies. I also shared some random Polish beer with Rob and Will. That restaurant is great. The portions are gigantic and the most expensive meal on the menu is $14. Plus the food is amazing.

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