Superfluous Matter
Weekend Stuff (again)

Kim is visiting her sister in Texas this week so I was on my own this weekend. It was pretty quiet and I spent most of today catching up on Dexter. I'm now all the way up to date (unless you count the episode that aired tonight). It's definitely a good show.

Saturday I went to Burlington to participate in a bouldering competition (local Tour de Bloc event) at a brand new climbing gym, Climber's Rock. The route setting was great and I had a really good day. I feel very happy with my absolute performance although they haven't posted the scores yet so I don't know how I did relative to the other competitors. But for most people (myself included) climbing is not really a competitive sport so the relative performance doesn't matter. I'm just trying to do better than I've done before.

After the competition I went to Matt's house for a birthday celebration which involved the eating of much sushi and cake. The sushi was from Sushi Xtra on Queen street and it was pretty decent. I'd definitely get sushi from there again.

Update: I came in 13th out of 26 competitors in my division at the bouldering competition. I'm pretty happy with that.

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