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Christmas == Busy

We're halfway through December and I've already been to three Christmas parties, with another to go to tomorrow. It's lots of fun, but I get too stressed when there is this much stuff all close together. I still have Christmas shopping to do and many places to go. I will have two weeks off this Christmas though so that is nice.

The first party of the year was the CIBC Christmas party with Kim. It was held at the Convention Centre and was attended by something like 5000 people. It was pretty insane. The meal was decent (as much as it could be when it had to happen for 5000 people simultaneously), and there was wine on every table and one free drink ticket for everyone. They also had impersonators of famous musicians including Neil Diamond, Elvis, and Abba. It was definitely an experience.

Next up was the NeoEdge Christmas party, which, although I still don't work there, I have attended every year for the past three years on account of being friends with half of the employees. This year Kim and I were bartenders and it was lots of fun. I got to make up drinks that made people make bad faces.

Finally, there was my party, the Autodesk Christmas party. This one definitely had the best food and drink (real bartenders, open bar), but unfortunately it also had the poorest food distribution system (some people waited for more than an hour). It was a nice venue though and for the first time in a long time we were allowed to bring a guest.

Tomorrow is party number four, the annual wing night Christmas party. This year it's a Chili Cookoff and I'm gonna win. My chili is obviously the best.

After that there's just seven more Christmas events, a New Year's party and then I can relax until next year.

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