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Things have been fairly busy so far this year and I'm sleepy as a result of that. There has already been wedding planning (the date will be October 10, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend) and I had another bouldering competition Saturday. This one was a at a new gym at Lansdowne and Dupont and it went really well. I hurt lots today which means that I worked appropriately hard.

I've also been playing "The Force Unleashed" for the Wii and I thoroughly enjoy it. Basically you're Darth Vader's new apprentice and you run around using the Force for evil (mostly). My only criticism is that it's very easy to beat the game in under ten hours. Does that seem short to anyone else? You have the option to play through again with all of your accumulated powers (which I am doing), but other than that and the two-player duel mode there just isn't that much stuff in the game. I can't imagine putting in all the effort to create the game's framework and to interface with the Wii's unique controller system and then not generate lots of content to go with it.

I also played with the Google Maps API a bit last night to answer some questions for Patrick and his upcoming wedding. It was pretty cool and easy to use. You can do a lot more to a map than I thought you could, including custom overlay drawing. Fun times!

Finally, I left my camera battery charger at my mom's house over Christmas and it's making me sad because I can't take pictures. I need to rectify this situation.

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