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Thus ends my streak of only updating once a month because today I feel inclined to update and because something other than school happened last night. Also Jen updated her website so I have to too.

Last night I went to Wilson's house party and it was fun. Jen and Angela got really drunk and amused themselves by giving me a bunch of their alcohol which amused me because it meant I didn't have to buy my own as usual. Jen made me three orange juice/pepsi twist based drinks and then a vodka based drink that everyone agreed didn't actually contain any orange pop as she claimed. We were tipped off by the lack of orange colouring. We played lots of bubbles too, over 140 matches I think. Drunk bubbles is harder than normal bubbles. But I still beat Jen and Angela mostly.

Today I'm very tired, we worked all day yesterday trying to figure out why stupid Gtk crashes at random times and found out it is because it is not thread-safe and so our multi-threaded program kills it well. But not in the good way. Once we found that out we went and got 4 large pizzas, one for each of us. I guess the main reason I am tired though would be due to the getting home at 4:00am. Oh well. Need to do more work today.

Jen and Angela are whores from the future! Only 27.99! But they bought each other so they arn't for sale anymore. :(

Oh, I also found out that they are really screwing up the CS program that currently exists in favour of...something else. Not sure what. It means I have to take OS and then concurrency, like that makes any sense.

I need to go work.

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