Superfluous Matter
Short Update

Well, things can certainly change at work. Not for me apparently but for lots of other people I work with.

Last weekend as full! Like there was no more stuff I could have done because I used up all of the non-asleep time. Friday night was dinner at Weezies for Patrick's birthday (mmm...delicious) followed by looking at Patrick's Iceland photos. Saturday I did some chores in the morning including making my muesli, and then Kim and I went to see the classic Euripides play Medea at the Canon theatre. It was pretty good, but as it was a tragedy it didn't exactly have a happy ending. After the play we headed to Chris's house where he and John made us homemade pizza and then we watched the Bourne Ultimatum on BluRay. Sunday I helped Patrick and Toni for the whole day with their wedding website. It was fun, and it taught me a lot of stuff about Ireland, but it was also a very long day.

In climbing news, I'm finally lead climbing again on Wednesdays. I've been pretty lazy the last few months and just doing plain top-rope. But someone at the gym told me that every time you top-rope something you could have lead, God kills a kitten.

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