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I have to apologize for not updating lately, I've been busy and have not had the energy to make "proper" posts. Unfortunately I also don't like making quick half-hearted posts because I feel like if I don't do it right, why do it at all? Well the answer to that question is that crappy blog posts at regular frequent intervals likely add up to being better than moderate to good blog posts at super irregular and infrequent intervals.

So I'm going to post more. For reals.

Anyway, I do have sorta big news. I bought a new camera! My old camera, the Nikon D70, was a fine piece of equipment but was always meant as an intro to the realm of SLR cameras and I always intended to replace it if I got somewhat serious about taking pictures. Well I don't know how serious I am, but I do enjoy it a lot. So when a friend expressed a desire to own the D70 we arranged for her to buy it from me, freeing me to buy the new and improved Nikon D90 along with the Nikon 18-200mm DX lens with vibration reduction.

I'm very happy with the purchase but I haven't had much time to really try it out yet as I've been very busy since buying it on Thursday. Fortunately the controls are very similar to the D70 so I don't have to relearn much. I currently have one picture to post here, nothing special, just a quick shot of the pizza we made tonight using dough from a bakery in Kensington and delicious tomato sauce that I made a couple weeks ago.

Homemade pizza!
Homemade pizza!
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