Superfluous Matter

Three culture related events this week. First, tonight we saw Riverdance at the Canon theatre courtesy of Patrick and Toni (they had a Mirvish subscription and left the country in the middle of it so we got their tickets to this show). I didn't have high hopes going into the show but it turned out to be really good. It's cool how dancing can express ideas if it's done right. Also the music was fantastic, I could have just listened with my eyes closed and still enjoyed the show.

On Friday Matt and I are seeing Tafelmusik perform "The Creation" by Haydn as part of the "World Creation Festival" where choirs and orchestras from around the world perform the piece in honour of the 200th anniversary of Haydn's death. The classical music world seems to be all about celebrating the deaths of its composers. Strange.

Finally, today I ordered tickets to go see one of the sets of short films in competition at the World Wide Short Film Festival here in Toronto. Film festivals are awesome and shorts are tons of fun. The set I chose has Chris Landreth's new film, The Spine which I'm super excited to see. Chris Landreth also created the film "Ryan" about the amazing NFB animator Ryan Larkin and he actually won the academy award for best short for that film. Another film in the set I got tickets for is the new Wallace and Gromit short, "A Matter of Loaf and Death." Wallace and Gromit are awesome.

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