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Christmas is Coming

I think I've recovered enough from my marathon Italy blogging to start trying to do regular blog updates again. Stuff has been going well lately, it's been nice to relax a bit since the wedding and not have to think about it anymore. I'm even almost ready for Christmas!

I've been thinking a lot about priorities lately. There's tons of stuff I love to do with my time like climbing, photography, reading, cooking, going to restaurants, exploring Toronto, traveling the world and lots of other stuff too. And that list doesn't even include all the computer-related (personal and professional) activities I do. I also have vague goals for the future like kids, home ownership, LOTS more world travel and total personal fulfillment. You know, easy stuff.

I already have trouble making time for all the things I want to do. It makes me sad that I don't get out to take photos regularly and if I don't climb at least twice a week I don't improve. Everything takes up lots of time and I fill my time so much that I don't have any left to think about future stuff.

So, I've decided to sit down over Christmas and take stock of everything I did last year; what was good and what was bad. I'll make a list of all the things that matter to me and try to prioritize them and see if I can work out a way to fit them all in to a regular week. If this is even a little bit successful I'll try to do it every year and hopefully I'll be able to make constant progress in the areas of my life that matter to me.

And of course, one of the things I'd like to improve is the frequency of my blogging. But I always say that.

Here's a picture of Chris and John's Christmas tree taken at the Christmas party they hosted last weekend:

Chris and John's Christmas tree
Chris and John's Christmas tree
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