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Wedding Video

In addition to a photographer we had a videographer at our wedding. I wasn't really keen on this idea as I do not like seeing myself in videos. Photos are OK because I can normally hold a non-horrifying pose for a short period of time (and bad photos can always be deleted when I fail). But video, that's a little frightening. I'm not a trained actor, I shouldn't be the main character in a video.

Anyway, over Christmas we received the finished DVD. It's really well put together with a nice set of menus and the whole collection of official photos in slideshow format. The full ceremony and the speeches from the reception make up the bulk of the content on the DVD. They were well recorded and more or less what I expected. However, unexpected by me, there were short video messages from each member of the bridal party which were totally awesome. There was also a short music video edited together by the videographer from clips of the entire day. I like the music video quite a bit as it edits out all the strange faces I make and only keeps the nicer footage. Also it's short and covers all the major events.

Another thing that happened over the Christmas break was that a lot of relatives complained that I haven't posted any wedding photos on my blog. To them I replied that I put about eighty photos up on Facebook because I figured I would reach more people that way and I was too lazy to do both. Well I was scolded for being lazy (as many of my relatives are not on Facebook) and so I have to post some photos on my blog here too. I'll probably get to that this week, but I thought I'd start out by posting the music video from the DVD. The music is "Saving Grace" by the Cranberries which was the song we had for our first dance. If you'd like to download the movie to your computer instead of just watching it on this webpage, right click here and select "Save." Enjoy!

EMBEDDED VIDEO: Wedding music video
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