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Update time, wow I'm sucking with this.

I bought volume one of the Family Guy, which is sweet, no more crappy quick time and real media files for me. I will probably get the other volume for Christmas, if I don't break down and buy it first. I'm really excited about Indiana Jones though, hopefully I will get it for my birthday. I think I need more money, I wouldn't mind owning the Simpsons and Futurama on DVD either.

Work is good, its all about the Perl, which I enjoy very much. It is exactly my type of language, it knows what I want even when I don't. I may also get to help create an online ordering system using a database and...Perl! :)

This weekend is Thanksgiving and I think I am going to seriously try to not eat until I feel sick. It is very hard to do when everything tastes so good though. Kim is going to Krissy's wedding with Matt, congrats Krissy.

Learning openGL isn't going so well since I keep not doing it. I should really start. Just like I should really add more content to this site and learn a bunch of other stuff. But work just takes the motivation right out of you. I hope real life isn't like this.

Recent movies: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and American Wedding. Both were quite entertaining although the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was only original in its premise. I hope that American Wedding is the last of the American Pie series because it seems like a good place to end. Next up is hopefully Bowling for Columbine and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, both of which won't be quite as uplifting I'm sure.

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