Superfluous Matter

In order to fairly balance holiday time across offices all over North America, we get some random days off at Autodesk. In particular we get both Good Friday and Easter Monday which is relatively rare. It's pretty sweet to have a four day weekend though.

I spent a lot of the weekend in London at my mom's house, visiting my Grandpa, or visiting with Kim's family. We had a couple of nice meals, but mostly I just vegetated the whole time. It felt like I was on one of those vacations where you go to a Caribbean island and just sit around for a week not thinking about anything at all. I totally checked out mentally. It was most relaxing.

The only thing I accomplished other than occasional socializing with family was finishing the book "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson. I've read most of his work, including the epic Baroque Cycle and all of it has been quite enjoyable. Anathem did not disappoint either and I highly recommend it.

Monday night, the last evening of the break, I snapped myself out of my stupor with a session climbing at True North Climbing. I did a fun new roof climb on lead and, after a lot of work, I managed to complete the first bouldering problem from the Women's Open Finals from the competition last week. It was a pretty good night!

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