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Second Day of Cancer Treatment

Last night after I left the hospital, Kim spiked a fever of 102 so they started running antibiotics along with Benadryl for itching. They also did another chest X-ray just to make sure nothing serious was happening. She just has an infection of some sort. It's probably something she had before last night and the Rituximab simply aggravated it. By the morning she was back to normal more or less and they were able to continue with the chemotherapy around noon.

The three drugs today (cyclophosphamide, hydroxdaunorubicin, oncovin) were administered without any difficulties, and the anti-nausea medicine seems to be working for now. Hopefully it continues to work tonight and tomorrow. My mom is staying at the hospital with her to give Kim's mom and me a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep. In my case, I'm catching up on house stuff too.

Also today we had a bunch of visits from hospital support staff including a social worker, dietitian and the case manager. All of these people were super friendly and helpful. The dietitian had some cool books that deal with all the eating problems that occur as a result of chemo.

Tomorrow I have to go get a flu shot to help make sure I stay healthy over the next six months. I've never had one before (not even sure I've ever had the flu before) so hopefully I don't react funny to it or anything.

We got the final count from the fertility clinic today. Before freezing, one of the good embryos failed and so only four were able to be frozen. Also, the special procedure for the immature eggs was not successful in any of the cases so the final count will be just four. This is still enough, but there's obviously not a lot of room for error or complications when we go to use them. It's a little disappointing, but we did the best we could. Kim's health is more important.

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