Superfluous Matter

Today Kim had her second lumbar puncture to get some more chemotherapy injected directly at the site of the cancer in her spine. The doctor was very impressed with how Kim handled the Methotrexate and how her symptoms (leg pain) have mostly disappeared. The level of Methotrexate left in Kim's system had also fallen enough by today that she was released from hospital after the lumbar puncture. So we're all back at home now which is great!

Next Friday we'll meet with the doctor again and discuss the next step in the treatment. Likely Kim will go in again for more Methotrexate and more lumbar punctures.

The lumbar puncture procedure itself isn't too bad (not nearly as bad as a bone marrow biopsy), however it's extremely common to get splitting headaches in the days after due to a change in the pressure of your cerebrospinal fluid. Kim did get headaches from the first one but we're ready this time with Tylenol 3s in case she gets them again.

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