Superfluous Matter

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, nothing really conclusive has been happening. Kim's been getting her lumbar punctures and is pretty tired from it all but otherwise mostly OK. She's had some back pain again along with some neuropathy in her arms but the doctor prescribed some low dose morphine and that combined with a hot magic bag seems to be helping.

She had a CT scan last Friday to check the progress of the DHAP and it does appear to be working to reduce the size of the tumours in her lungs to some extent. So, she is going to be admitted to the hospital tomorrow to begin her second round.

This past weekend Kim and I went to John's house for Rib-o-rama XI and it was lots of fun. Great weather and great food and I had a chance to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen in a while. We also went to Chris and John's to play Ticket to Ride with them+Rob (although Kim had a nap instead).

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