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Double plus good weekend, very tired today though.

Matt and Keizo came to our place and them and us and Wilson, Angela, Chris, Sean and Greg went to see Matrix Revolutions Saturday afternoon. It was an alright movie, lots of cool action and special effects, but the explanations and plot left something to be desired. Saturday night the four people staying in our apartment as well as Angela and Ian went to the Bomber and that was fun, but I think it is the reason that I will not be able to do anything productive today. Still sleepy.

I switched the positions of my dresser and desk in my room on Saturday as well and for some reason, doing so caused my root filesystem to become corrupted. This is not one of the identifying features of a healthy Linux system and so I took the oppourtunity to completely wipe my OS drive and do fresh installs of Windows and Linux. Neither are very complete yet, no apps installed in Windows and I am trying to install the 2.6.0test9 kernel in Linux without any success. Bah.

Today at work we got to finally move to the new building, and it is pretty nice. The offices are not very well set up for computers and stuff but I think it will work out. Finally a nice chair and proper computer desk. I now have the ultimate workstation if you combine that with my fast computer and 17" LCD monitor.

Good luck to Adrienne and her tattoo-to-be today!

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